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TSA Approved Travel Locks for Luggage

Posted by Administrator on 11/7/2014 to Travel and your hair
Luggage Travel Locks Securing your luggage is always a good idea. Today’s traveler has a few more considerations. Start by the using the following guidelines: Never store cash in your carry on or checked baggage Never store jewelry, electronics or expensive eye wear in your checked luggage Never store medications in your checked luggage Never store any official documents or credit cards in your checked luggage. Luggage inspection when traveling on aircraft is mandatory. If primary inspection through x-ray or other measures indicates that a more thorough investigation is warranted. TSA inspectors have the right and obligation to gain access to your luggage. If you have a non approved lock on your luggage TSA personnel have the right to cut and remove the lock for inspection. The intent of travel locks are not to make your bags as secure as Fort Knox, but to be used as a deterrent for a quick shuffle through your belongings. Travel locks are usually equipped with a changeable combination. TSA approved travel locks will have a red circular logo consisting of 4 parts. This logo tells TSA inspectors that the lock can be opened with a TSA pass key. The TSA inspector opens your lock to inspect your luggage. The lock can then be secured by the inspector. The intent of the lock is to keep opportunistic thief’s from the quick shuffle into your personal belongings. Examples that travelers need to be aware of: During transport: Baggage handler’s at airports, cruise docks, taxi drivers, shuttle drivers and hotel employees In or near your room: Hotel housekeeping staff, or everyone’s favorite the night before final port on a cruse ship. Were hundreds of bags are stored for hours in public hallways of the ship. The above does see to be the dark side when traveling. By taking just a little precaution and common sense will make your trip one of the highlights of your memories.
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