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Biomega Up All Night Volume Foam 2 oz Travel Size
Meets TSA Requirements for Travel

Biomega Up All Night Volume Foam 2 oz Travel Size

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Now with Biomega Up All Night Volume Foam, fine, thin or lifeless hair stays up all night with firm, flexible hold.  This ultra-light conditioning foam works overtime to thicken hair for maximum body, lift and flexibility.  It goes the extra mile with Omega-rich nutrients that nourish hair, lock in moisture and deliver amazing shine for a plumped up look that feels natural.  The innovative formula seals in nutrients and lipids while shielding hair from external heat and environmental humidity for healthy, long-lasting volume.  UV protectants help keep color vibrant.

\Start with a generous amount dispensed into the palm of hand
- Extra product may be applied directly to the root area to increase the level of lift and volume away from the scalp
- After dispensing product into your hands, evenly distribute throughout the hair. If extra lift is desired, spray some additional product directly onto the root area
- Section hair and begin blow styling from the roots making sure to lift the hair away from the scalp for maximum volume
- Continue blow styling each section from the roots toward the ends until all your hair is dry
- Flip head upside down and brush through hair after it is completely dry to blend the sections and create   fullness

Biomega UP ALL NIGHT Foam This product is approved the by Transportation Security Administration for carry-on luggage.

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