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Beauty and Grooming Tips for Top Executives on the Go

Posted by TravelSizeHairProducts on 6/1/2013 to Travel and your hair
Although sometimes, the idea of getting up and looking your best sounds like it should actually be second best to a comfy pair of work out pants and flip flops, the truth is, that being a top executive means looking on-point at every turn of the car of altitude climb of the airplane. Add the need to look your best to the difficulties of getting your must-haves through security, and you're surely going to experience more packing pressure than you really need to feel! As a traveling Business Wonder, you're probably already aware that fulfilling your beauty needs while fulfilling the TSA's requirements can be a task all in its own. Beauty, grooming, travel, and small spaces on top of your business' needs can be a mixture that is more overwhelming than it needs to be. Here are some great tips to keep you in tip-top shape during your travels:

 • Keep your hair at bay with a scarf. At the end of a flight, your hair can look more disheveled than you feel. Wrap your hair in a scarf that matches your outfit, and you'll add a bit of style and flare while keeping your locks at bay.

• Buy products that are made for travel. Certain products, like Molding Gunk and Texture Putty are made for the airplane (or any other modes of travel that you may use). Remember that you don't have to sacrifice high quality for minimal space.

• Remember that you'll not only need to look great when you land, but you'll want to feel clean and refreshed the entire time that you're in your new place. Travel shampoos don't have to be a last-minute item that you pick up from the convenience store while you're tying up loose ends. In fact, there are many great companies that make travel-sized shampoos that will happily fit right in your carry-on or checked bags that will help ensure that your beauty, grooming, travel, and work find a peaceful harmony. You don't have to compromise!

 • Hair shine paper and facial oil absorbent paper are great tools for keeping you looking fresh while you're traveling. Hair shine paper is great for eliminating static and reducing dullness. You can also use hair powder (or dry shampoo) to help get ease an oily scalp or get rid of limp hair.

 • You can care for your hair and still get past security in a breeze with products that are made to fit in small spaces. Companies have really become sensitive to travelers' needs, and you can pick up travel packs that contain all of your essentials without having to worry about squeezing your products into those small disposable bottles.

 • As you probably already know, many great products pack a huge punch with just a little bit of power. You can find great products in tiny spaces that allow you to travel without losing any of the styling power that you need or expect. Detanglers, spray gels, root lifting sprays come in tiny packages that are perfect for traveling.

 • Cocoa butter and cotton gloves are great for a trip into the dry airways above, and cucumber eye pads help keep you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed while you're on your way to your next destination.

 • Makeup corrector sticks are another necessary addition.

No matter if it's a quick hour flight to another site or a trip around the world for a huge presentation, beauty, grooming, travel, and organization can really keep you on track to get where you're going. This tips will help you put your best face forward while avoiding the stresses of packing and security checks.
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