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Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray 2 oz Travel Size
Meets TSA Requirements for Travel

Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray 2 oz Travel Size

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  • - Provides firm-hold and dramatically increases volume without stiffness - Enhances strand separation and definition - Effortlessly creates that “just left the beach look” - Silicone free - Sulfate free - Glycerin free

Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray is a firm hold volume-building styling and texturizing spray that allows you to easily create random, messy texture. This lightweight mist is infused with Dead Sea salts that add thickness and volume. Now, effortlessly create that "just left the beach" look. Sea Salt Texturizing Spray has a water soluble formula which makes it shampoo out easily.- Apply liberally to evenly saturate hair, creating strand separation and definition

- After applying, comb through for even product distribution
- Use either a wide-tooth comb, a wide-tooth brush or fingers to style the hair
- Use a blow-dryer set on low air pressure and low heat or a blow-dryer fitted with a diffuser, set on high     heat and high air flow
- Dry hair gently to achieve a natural, softly-tousled texture with volume and definition
- For a less voluminous look, allow hair to dry naturally

This size meets the Transportation Security Administration TSA approved for carry-on luggage. The volume and weight of this product meets TSA guidelines to be a carry on for air or airline travel.

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