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Aquage Finishing Spray 2 oz Travel Size
Meets TSA Requirements for Travel

Aquage Finishing Spray 2 oz Travel Size

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  • - Ultra-fine mist builds hold, body and shine - Ideal for forming the shape of a style - Seals the cuticle and creates a smooth surface that reflects light for brilliant shine - Perfect for locking in your final style
Aquage Finishing Spray 2 oz Travel Size Aquage Finishing Spray is the best-selling hairspray. It delivers long-lasting style retention and a firm-hold while creating volume simultaneously, yet it brushes through easily.  Finishing Spray is a fast-drying, firm-holding, fine-mist hairspray.

- Spray in short, even strokes, always directing the spray toward the ends to completely seal the cuticle and    create maximum shine.
- Finishing Spray can be used for hold and control or for creating volume and lift.
- The further away from the head the product is applied, the drier the spray which delivers more effective      hold.

This product is approved the by Transportation Security Administration for carry-on luggage. The volume and weight of this product meets TSA guidelines to be a carry on for air or airline travel.

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